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Diagnosing Washing Machine Pressure Switch Problems

Diagnosing Washing Machine Pressure Switch Problems

How your machine is filled with water is controlled with the pressure switch. It can usually be found by taking off the top cover, and it will most likely be situated on one of the side panels. If is usually round in shape.

This part is made up of 3 pieces; a chamber all the way at the bottom of the drum, a hose which connects this chamber to the switch, which is the electrical component located at the top.

How Does It Control The Water Level?

When the machine starts filling with water, air is pushed up through the chamber, and up through the hose. This will then activate the pressure switch, signaling the beginning of the wash cycle. This is when your machien stops filling with water, and begins to turn the clothing.

Once the wash is done, it is then the job of the control board to tell the machine to empty the water. So now the pressure switch will once again judge the level of water, instructing the control board that the machine is empty so the spin cycle can begin.

What Problems Are Caused By A Faulty Pressure Switch

Remember, when attempting any repairs or diagnoses, make sure you turn off the power to the machine for your safety.

Over Filling

Of course, the first issue to usually occur is that the machine will overflow. This can be caused by multiple problems:

  • A blockage in the hose/chamber from old detergent clogging the chamber. To identify if this is the problem, you can remove the hose, then blow down towards the chamber to determine whether there is a blockage. Then, you can simply clean it out.

  • A damaged hose can also cause problems. If the hose has rubbed against other parts of the machine, the material can degrade. If there are any holes or damage, then your hose will need replacing. Otherwise, your pressure switch will not be able to tell how much water is in the machine, and therefore overflowing can easily occur.

Machine Won't Spin

  • If there is a blockage in the chamber, this can sometimes allow air up into the hose to the switch, but not release the air back down. This will mean the machine will still believe it's full, and therefore not begin the spin cycle.

Faulty Switch

To check whether it is the switch itself that is faulty, you can use a multi meter. Set the continuity to ohms. Attach one multi meter probe to the middle switch contact and the other to the right side contact. If the meter's reading registers infinity, indicating a blank reading or the value 1, then the switch is bad. A reading of approximately 0 ohms indicates a good switch.

If you switch is faulty, then you will need to replace this component.

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