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How To Replace Carbon Brushes In A Washing Machine

How To Replace Carbon Brushes In A Washing Machine

Carbon brushes are the part of the motor designed to come in contact with the moving part, passing power through to keep things running. This means - after time - they do wear down and will need to be replaced. Signs that could mean your carbon brushes need replacing are:

  • Your machine is filling and draining as usual, but not turning

  • A spitting or spluttering sound coming from your machine

  • Sparks are coming from the underneath of the machine

  • Tools You May Need

    1. Torx head screwdriver

    2. Socket Spanner

    Don't have the tools you may need? Maybe ask a friend, neighbour, or colleague if they have some you could borrow. Or maybe invest in a few basic tools that can become incredibly useful around the house.

    Repair Insructions

    Get Access:

    • First, you will need access to the back of your machine. It's advisable to fully disconnect your washing machine and move it somewhere you have plenty of space and full visibility. This will reduce some of the stress of your repair task when you don't have to be cramped up next to a wall, bent over trying to see what you're doing.

    • NB: It's important to note that, wherever and however you do this repair, make sure all power supplies are switched off and disconnected, as well as disconnecting the water supplies. These are key safety measures to prevent accidents.

    Remove The Top And Back Panels:

    • You will need to remove the top lid and back panel to reveal the back of the machine drum. Here you will see the drive belt and motor (that should be situated underneath the drum).

    Remove The Motor:

    • To remove the motor, first you must get access. Carefully remove the drive belt before removing any wires connected to your motor. Next, use a socket spanner to then release the motor. It may need to be pulled off with a little force, but if unsecured properly, it will come free. Once removed, this will make it much easier to replace the carbon brushes.

    • NB: Some machines actually allow you to replace the carbon brushes without removing the motor. Check the user manual to see if this is possible. However, if you are unsure about the repair and like more space to work, it may be easier to still remove the motor so you can easily see what you're doing.

    Locating The Carbon Brushes

    • You will find the carbon brushes situated onn either side of the motor, pointing towards the commutator at an angle. This is important to note, as this is why the bottom edge of the brush is slanted. It is so the commutator can smoothly glide along without the carbon brushes causing any resistence. It is crucial to insert the brushes correctly, taking not of the position. The easiest way to do this is by taking note of the position of your old carbon brushes when removing them. Then you can easily just replace your new carbon brushes in the same position.

    Replacing The Carbon Brushes

    • In order to replace the carbon brushes, you must remove the old ones by taking off the clip and the pin out. This will let you gently pull out the sping, followed by the carbon brush itself (and remember to take note of which way it's facing).

    • Now simply replace the old brush with your new component, carefully inserting the carbon brush and pushing the spring into place afterwards. This may be fiddly, but stick with it, re-securing the pin and clip into place once everything is in position.

    Almost Done

    • Once this is done, you can simply replace all the components back in the machine (don't forget anything!) and your motor will once again be running smoothly.

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