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How To Replace Washing Machine Door Seal

How To Replace A Dishwasher Door Seal

Before attempting any repairs, make sure your machine is switched off and unplugged.

If your door seal is damaged, become loose, or is coming off, these repair instructions will help you. If your seal is mouldy and full of bacteria, then you can also give it a thorough clean (instead of replacing it and save some money).

To replace your seal, follow these instructions:-

  • First, remove the outer retaining band. This part is a metal coil that holds the door seal in place and is located just behind the seal at the front of the machine. It helps tight with a spring release.

  • The best way to remove it is with a flat head screwdriver. Work the screwdriver in closest to the door hinge to locate the spring. Ease out the spring to reveal the wire, then you can work around with the screwdriver, pulling out the outer retaining band.

  • Now this is done, you can now remove the door seal from the out panel by pealing the seal back off the machine. Then, push the seal through into the machine bit by bit.

  • Now you will need to remove the top lid to get access to the innter retaining band.

  • To remove the top lid, with most machines you just need to remove the two screws at the back of the machine. Check your user manual if you need further assistance with this.

  • Once removed, at the front, you should see the seal which will be held in place with the same wire band, this time most likely secured with a screw tensioner.

  • Loosen this screw with a philips screwdriver then peel off the seal from the machine over the inner lip at the top.

  • Return to the front of the machine to lift up the seal and pull it through the door, the inner retaining band coming with it.

  • With the new seal, it may be best to run some washing up liquid around the back rim to help lubricate it as the new rubber may be unmalleable. Most door seals will have drain holes so make sure to line these up at the bottom of the door seal.

  • Simply ease this through the door into the machine, working the top of the seal over the inner lip before working your way round to the bottom. It may be fiddly but keep at it, making sure everything is in place and there are no gaps.

  • Now replace the inner retaining band, putting it into place all the way around the groove around the seal so it fits snuggly in place, and is able to be tightened with the screw tensioner.

  • Once this is secure, now refit the outer part of the seal. Again, washing up liquid may help with this. SImply push the seal all the way around the outer circle of the door, pushing it into place. Start at the top to hang the seal on the outside.

  • Once firmly in place, now replace the outer retaining band (the one with the spring). This is best done by starting with the spring in the position (by the door hinge), but keep your finger on it so you can work for the band around the door seal bit by bit.

  • Now just replace the top cover of the machine and you're ready to do your laundry once again.

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