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How To Fix A Washing Machine That's Temperature Is Not Correct

How To Fix A Washing Machine Temperature

Is your washing machine performing fine except its temperature is all over the place?

Obviously an important part of your wash in the temperature, with your delicates needing a gentle wash, where your sheets and towels need a hotter, tougher wash to make sure they're clean and fresh. This is why modern machines come with multiple settings for you to optimize your wash for different items. But what if the temperature's not corresponding with your settings? Is your washing coming out completely freezing cold water? Or are your clothes shrinking in the heat?

Below we give some tips and advice to determine what could be the possible cause, and how you can fix it:

So how can you test whether the temperature of the machine is actually incorrect?

  • Check the thermometer: if you stop your machine during a wash, then turn on the pumps to drain the water, you will be able to use a thermometer in the drain to get a rough impression of the temperature of the water in your machine.

  • Check manually: when putting on a 30 degrees wash, place your hand to the glass to gauge the temperature. With a 30 wash, the machine should feel no more than slightly warm. If your machine feels much warmer, then you can guess that the thermostat is broken.

  • Aquarium strip thermometers: for aquariums, adhesive strips are available that can be stuck to the glass of the tank to monitor the temperature of the water. If you place this at the lowermost point of your machine's glass door, then it can give you a good indication of the internal temperature.

The causes for the issue can be very diverse. Primarily, check your hot and cold water supply pipes. Make sure the valves are completely open and make sure they are connected correctly between the faucets (water supply valves) and the inlet water supply valves on the machine (C/blue connects to cold and H/red connects to hot).

It can also be your water heater itself. Check this is working correctly. It is also advisable that - if you have a small water heater - to make sure you allow time for the hot water to replenish. For example, say someone takes a long, hot shower while the dishwasher is running. If you were to try and put a load of laundry now, your water heater may not be able to cope and will need about 20-30 minutes to refill its supplies.

If these don't seem to fix your issue, then it may be something more serious. A thermostat this is broken can simply be replaced. However, a major problem that can occur is the heating element being damaged or broken due to limescale. This can also be easily replaced. Check on these components to determine the work and are kept at their optimum condition.

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