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Senseo Coffee Machine

We say Senseo, you say coffee. This unique coffee brand appeared on the market in February 2001 and has since been indispensable. In the first four years, more than fifteen million Senseo coffee machines were distributed and the demand was almost impossible to keep up with. You can find them everywhere and they can be considered a resounding success.

Senseo parts and accessories

A Senseo is easy to use and maintain which is a major contributor to the machines’ success. It can, therefore, be very frustrating when something has gone wrong with your Senseo. Fortunately, the relatively simple coffee machine is easy to repair.

Partner of Senseo

As a proud partner of Senseo, we are able to provide a wide range of parts for your favourite coffee machine. Every Senseo model is clearly arranged above. By simply clicking on your model type, you will be able to see the parts that are compatible with your particular Senseo coffee machine. So you can order carefree.

Senseo maintenance

To ensure you retain the pleasure of coffee from your Senseo coffee machine, it is important to carry out regular and thorough maintenance. The more you maintain your coffee machine, the fewer problems you will face with your Senseo, and the longer this wonderful coffee machine will keep on producing that great tasting coffee we all need in the morning. Therefore, you should at very least periodically use a water softener, but it is also advisable to replace the water filter.

Which Senseo Coffee Machine do you have?

To find the right parts for your Senseo product in our store, you need to look for the model number of your device. This number is made up of a combination of numbers and letters that can be usually found at the bottom or back of your device on the type sticker or plate, or in the user manual. Once you have found the number, enter it in the "Search" bar to see the Senseo parts compatible with your device.

If you need more help finding your type or model number, visit our guide to finding your type number for your specific appliance.

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