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Bosch Tassimo: coffee with a bar code!

Tassimo is a completely innovative coffee machine system by the famous top brand Bosch. Though you might not associate this brand with coffee, they designed top quality machines with the futuristic T-disc system, that utilises special barcodes. These allow the machines to switch preparation methods between coffee, tea, chocolate and other flavours.

Tassimo T-Discs

This makes the Tassimo a true multimachine: effortlessly a Tassimo machine will prepare coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, then tea or chocolate milk. Just place the T-DISC with your required flavour in the Tassimo machine and press the button. The Tassimo hot beverage machine will then read the barcode on the T-DISC and automatically understand what needs to be done to prepare your desired beverage. Really, that's all it takes: place a T-DISC and press the button! Tassimo: raising the bar.

Tassimo accessories

Because even this reliable and versatile machine can break down, we offer spare parts and additional accessories for your Tassimo coffee maker. We are proud partners of Bosch Tassimo and so we can deliver all available parts for your Tassimo device. Just look up your specific type of Tassimo coffee machine above (it might have a different colour but the general model should look like the image) and you'll get an overview of all the parts we can deliver for your Tassimo device.

What Tassimo coffee maker do I have?

If you're not entirely certain your Tassimo device is displayed on this page, you can also just select the type from the list. Not sure which is yours? Just look at the special type number plate on your machine. There will be a type or model number listed there. It could be in several different places, like on the side of your machine, or the bottom or front. Take note of this type number and click the corresponding type on the left side of our page. You will then only see parts and accessories that are suitable for your specific type of Tassimo coffee maker.

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Are you not able to find the parts that you need? Feel free to contact us with any questions. Often we can order other parts than displayed through our suppliers. So don't hesitate to verify with us whether we can deliver the part you require.

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