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Vorwerk spare parts

Vorwerk parts

In 1883 the brothers Vorwerk - Carl and Adolf - founded the Barmer Teppichfabrik Vorwerk & Co. Until WWI this company produced mainly tapistry and carpeting, although it had also focussed on the machines used to produce these textiles. After the World War, then director August Mittelsten Scheid decided to focus on the production of parts and engines for grammophone players. When radio gained popularity and the demand for grammophones declined, one of the engineers created an unique vaccuum cleaner that used an grammophone engine. The Vorwerk Kobold was introduced in 1929 and, after a rough start, caught on after a few years. The following decades were not always stable - obviously this was true all over Europe - but the company flourished eventually and now is a major player worldwide in many, many fields. Including top of the line household appliances, but even perfumes and cosmetics. Fun pub fact: they still produce tapistry and carpets!