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Welder Spares, Replacement Parts, and Accessories

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Keep On Welding, Keep On Welding

Welding equipment can be a trusty, long life DIY aid in your vast arsenal of tools for your projects or work. However, without regular maintenance and care, a welding machine can face problems.

Here are our top tips for maintaining your welding equipment, to keep it working at its best for years to come:

  • Firstly, make sure to follow the specifications of your machine, and ensure your machine can handle the work you wish to complete. Don’t push your welder past its limits, otherwise, you may find you will need to be purchasing a new one far sooner than expected.

  • With this, it’s best to establish a maintenance schedule, particularly if you are using your machine often. Remember to keep the equipment clean, and frequently inspect the welder for any damage, wear, or even loose wires or connections.

  • Be sure to repair any of these “soft failures” as soon as possible, as well as removing any corrosion or air-borne contamination which could lead to over-heating or the circuit board failing.

  • Make sure to remove any dust or debris from the machine also, which could cause a potential fire hazard. If you are doing any other work, especially with wood, it’s best practice to either cover your welder or complete the work far away from the machine. This is to ensure minimal dust will enter the machine, preventing possible danger or damage.

Welder Spares, Replacement Parts, and Accessories

Of course, it’s also to replace any components if they suffer any damage, or break altogether. Tips, nozzles, or guns will, most likely, need replacing most frequently.

Make Sure It Fits!

When buying any spare part or accessory for a device, it’s vital you check the part is compatible with your machine. This can be done with the machine’s type (model) number. Check that this number (which can be a combination of both numbers and letters) is listed as compatible with your appliance before you purchase, otherwise, you run the risk of it not fitting, or working with your machine.

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