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Repair Café International Foundation

A broken appliance is not the end of the world. In fact: it's a good reason to drop by at one of the many Repair Cafés!

Free repair assistance from experienced volunteers, the ultimate and most specialised spare parts webshop in the UK, believes firmly in repairing rather than throwing out. Often your devices are capable of a longer operational life than you may expect. Repairing is often a cheaper alternative to buying new, and it helps reduce the worldwide trash heap, which is good for the environment. For all these reasons, is a proud partner of the Repair Café International Foundation. Because just like this non-profit, independent institution run by volunteers, puts you and your appliance first!

Repair it in the Repair Café!

Repair Cafés are freely accessible repair meetings organised by, and intended for, local communities. The people who organise these events are volunteers and this unique concept has grown into literally hundreds of Repair Cafés worldwide. Do you want to find out whether a Repair Café is organised near you? Click here for the map at Repair Café International to find out the current locations where you can find Repair Cafés.

Repair Café: over 1300 local initiatives in 33 countries!

The Repair Café concept started in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, back in 2009 and although small in concept, it has since grown huge worldwide. There are now well over 1300 Repair Cafés in 33 countries, and new ones keep appearing. Which is great! Although the majority of Repair Café initiatives is still located in the country where it started, Holland, everywhere in the world people are catching on to this innovative, positive concept. With all sorts of positive benefits for the environment, local neighbourhood, and of course, people.

Experienced mechanics help you fix it yourself!

At these Repair Cafés, you will find resourceful volunteers from the local neighbourhood, which often include experienced mechanics who, although retired, still itch to continue applying their knowledge and experience. They are there to help you, free of charge and see if there is still new life in your device. All this in an informal setting, where you can also just drop by to drink a cup of coffee, have a chat or maybe even share your own repair knowledge. Repairing is fun, social and really needn't be complicated!

Or start your own Repair Café!

Is there no Repair Café near your location? You can simply start one yourself. There is a very useful Repair Café-starting package you can order to help you get started. Repair Café International will help you on your way.

So: Appliance broken?

Never simply throw your broken devices out. Just go to one of the Repair Cafés near you for assistance. Although also aims to provide as much useful repair information as we can, the men and women at Repair Cafés often just have hands-on working experience with fixing your appliance. So even if you're just looking for sound advice, just drop by one. And once you're there: say hello for us!

Learn more?

Click here for an extensive introduction to the Repair Café initiative!